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you reviewers need to loosen the fuck up. this made me laugh. that is why i come to newgrounds.

DAMN that phone is HAWT

and the music R0xX0rs my s0Xx0rs.


OMFG YES!! the movie was kinda slow to start, although not bad animation for a clay. but the no french allowed part was fecking awesome!! goddam french people suck! i was on the floor laughing by the time he was saying "and your french too?" i could already see it coming.

hahaha i am voting on this everyday until it becomes a 5


ok, but an even a first time flash artist should be able to figure out that the characters were waaaaay to small in the battle, and the background waay to stretched out. it just looked bad. and it would have taken all of 5 minutes to find a bigger background and scale your sprites bigger.

pretty good

but no pennywise :( I bet you would have a higher score if there weren't so many disappointed people hoping for a pennywise music video.


"You will fight a giant robot today" lmfao!!

very well done.

to El_petro:

Ooh, look at me, I'm just another immature 14 year old who hasn't hit puberty yet and doesn't understand talent when I see it

I mean, what the fuck? The movie isn't good because it isn't violent or funny? The whole point of newgrounds is a place to showcase your talents and hard work in flash. Not to satisfy some screwed up kid's need for blood and guts.


I liked the original more. i liked the style of it more, with less animation (the animation seemed sloppy sometimes in this one) and also this one reused alot of jokes from the other episode, like the george washington christ reappearing, and the run billy run thing. nevertheless, it was very funny. keep making these, please!


wtf is with T_A_M_R. that is just pathetic. first of all, coke is better, and also pepsi is made up of people copying cokes ideas, in the first place. coke came before pepsi. also, vanilla coke cam before pepsi vanilla. wtf is with that eh? and all pepsi can think of to do in their commercials is make fun of coke, with no real material to make fun of them with. besides that though, its sad that you would vote low even if the movie is a high quality movie, just because you disagree with the author. the same goes for anyone that voted like T_A_M_R, your all lame sacks of shit.


great collection, Legendary frog's part was the best. another thing you could have done would have been to make fun of the way the final fight is horribly similar to dragonball z in the movie, you could have had neo go super saiyan or something, that would have made me laugh

it was pretty good

i liked it. then i saw the part with the world trade center, and i was like "man, this guy is just begging to be bitched at for including 9-11 and humor within the same movie". but it seems only a few people did. thats good. americans have done far worse things to other countries than knocking down a few towers with airplanes, and maybe people are starting to realise that. anyways good movie. i'm giving you a 4

Thats right. A message from god. And no, there is no meaning of life. Your all just pawns in my sick game.

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