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Very nice

Zel2oKool, you are a fucking dumbass. This is not supposed to be some fast-paced action game, it is a PARODY. It is supposed to be making fun splinter cell. Also, I notice that you dont have a single flash under your list. And you've never once posted in the forums. From that we can conclude that you dont know a thing about flash.
if you did, you would notice that this game had very nice, smooth graphics and animation, and is quite well put together.

zombied, your dumb

you are a retard. its obviously either you or your computer that deserves to be called the ultimat shit, not this game. yes, there was music actually, but youre obviously to stupid to turn on your speakers or something.


if i have 500 $, and when i try to buy some nos (500$) it says not enough cash

also music gets very repetative

reminds me of ninja roping on worms armageddon

i found a glitch, i was spinning around in circles to gain momentum to fly to the top of the screen (great fun there)when i smacked into a guy and all of a sudden i was walking on top of him and he was walking on my foot or something and we both starting moving up the screen quite quickly.. it was strange.. then i jumped off him and we fell. well i suck at the game but i like flying around in the air. good job!


i like the macdonalds one! you should do bush

Pretty good

good job, not the most exciting game there is though

I love it!

if only there was a way to save the game

Pretty good

a few more different attacks though in my opinion

Thats right. A message from god. And no, there is no meaning of life. Your all just pawns in my sick game.

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